In preparation for A-TECHs annual Future Maverick Open House event, Mr. Hernandez and a group of talented Digital Game Development students collaborated to design and produce a 3D game in Blender and Unity to showcase the Digital Game Development Elective for prospective A-TECH students.

Students began by painstakingly recreating the A-TECH campus in the 3D modeling program Blender before importing their models into the Unity game engine where player movement and object interaction were added using C# scripting. The game is filled with fun collectibles (15 hidden stickers), an inventory system, a boss fight on the field, and plenty of modeling detail. We hope you enjoy our faithful reproduction of our beloved A-TECH.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Gonzalo Flores, David Hernandez, Lauren De Los Santos, Ryan Fiaccone, Georgia Petroff, and of course, Mr. Hernandez.

Play it here!

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