Our Programs and Classes

Magnet/CTE Programs
A-TECH offers seven magnet CTE programs. In addition to our core high school academic courses, students are accepted into one program much like a college major. All program courses are completed in sequence.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN provides the development of industry drawing standards in two- and three-dimensional drawing techniques, rendering, and animation to prepare students in architecture and engineering. Students apply their skills through participation in local and national design contests and preparing for Autodesk Certification.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT prepares students with the principles and operations of business management through college-inspired coursed found in today’s technologically-advance economy. A-TECH is proud to be an official High School of Business school and offer a curriculum that focuses on marketing, management, finance, economic, and professional development.

COMPUTER SCIENCE focuses on programing of computers and computational systems. In addition to a strong focus on programming languages and skills, students learn about computer theory, design, and development. A 21st century curriculum prepares students to move forward in their chosen interest including software, game, and app development Students have opportunities to participate in hackathons, student-led workshops and the national Hour of Code.

ENGINEERING develops knowledge of engineering and design principles through the Project Lead the Way Curriculum (PLTW). Engineering students are engaged in compelling, real-world challenges focused to build knowledge and skills in engineering, and develop skills in problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and perseverance.

GRAPHIC DESIGN focuses on the professional areas of graphic design, computer are, and video. Students develop skills in the areas of drawing, digital communication, design critiquing, portfolio development, and presentations. Student apply their skills through participation in local and national design challenges and competitions.

IT NETWORKING develops skills necessary to support microcomputers with various platforms and administer network systems. Students are taught the fundamentals of computer structure and function, communication, and security issues. Students become experts in Local Area Network design and security as they prepare for the Cisco CCNA and A+ Certification.

LEGAL STUDIES focuses on civil and criminal law with practical training in the skills necessary to pursue law related occupations. Students explore themes in both civil and criminal law reflecting American social, moral, political, and economic values.

Core Classes and Electives
Advanced Technologies Academy offers core high-school courses English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Foreign Language, and Physical Education at the general and honors level. Eligible students may select from 25 Advanced Placement courses in core subjects and electives. To balance the high school experience, elective courses are offered in art, music, leadership, journalism, and video production – to name a few.