Mascot, Motto, Mission & Beliefs

Mavericks – People of “independent thought and action – willing to take a risk to achieve a worthy goal.”

Academics plus Technology

Mission Statement:
The mission of Advanced Technologies Academy is to empower a diverse student body to succeed in a competitive world by promoting academic concepts, technological skills, and ethical behavior.

Belief Statements:
• A-TECH students deserve rigor, relevance, and relationships in their studies.
• A-TECH students deserve instruction from highly qualified teachers.
• A-TECH students should use relevant technology in their educational experience.
• A-TECH students should engage in problem solving and critical thinking as part of the curriculum.
• A-TECH instruction should promote physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being.
• A-TECH students should receive instruction in a climate that values cultural diversity.
• A-TECH students should receive differentiation as an integral part of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
• A-TECH student should receive an education that prepares them for success at a college, university or career.