Jeffrey Rispin, Assistant Principal

Contact Number: 799-7870 ext. 4500

Student Handbook

Welcome to Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) – Home of the Mavericks! A “Maverick” is a person who exhibits independence in thought and action, who stands by his/her principles and who is not afraid to step out and take a risk to do what is right and to achieve worthy goals. A-TECH stands for Academics Plus Technology – the foundation of our school. The parent/guardian/student handbook contains information that will assist you in maximizing your high school experience. Please read each part completely and seek clarification on any part if desired. High school can be whatever you want to make it. We encourage you to strive to do your best academically, to use available technology to maximize your learning potential, and to get involved in extracurricular activities.


Attendance Regulation Change – CCSD Regulation 5113

Students out on a prearranged absence or an excused absence are required to turn in all missing work in an agreed upon amount of time. If a student fails to turn in missing assignments, the prearranged/excused absences become unexcused and count toward the limitation of unexcused absences. Students who exceed the limitation of absences in any course will receive a failing grade.

Students, here are few reminders from the Discipline office:

Advanced Technologies Academy is committed to promoting the academic growth of its students. We are also committed to the social and emotional maturation of all students. We want all students prepared for success after high school whether in post-secondary educational settings, the military, or the workplace. Please make yourself familiar with the CCSD Code of Conduct to ensure that we are able to help all students meet these goals.