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Student Handbook

Welcome to Advanced Technologies Academy (A-TECH) – Home of the Mavericks! A “Maverick” is a person who exhibits independence in thought and action, who stands by his/her principles and who is not afraid to step out and take a risk to do what is right and to achieve worthy goals. A-TECH stands for Academics Plus Technology – the foundation of our school. The parent/guardian/student handbook contains information that will assist you in maximizing your high school experience. Please read each part completely and seek clarification on any part if desired. High school can be whatever you want to make it. We encourage you to strive to do your best academically, to use available technology to maximize your learning potential, and to get involved in extracurricular activities.

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Attendance Regulation Change – CCSD Regulation 5113

Students out on a prearranged absence or an excused absence are required to turn in all missing work in an agreed upon amount of time. If a student fails to turn in missing assignments, the prearranged/excused absences become unexcused and count toward the limitation of unexcused absences. Students who exceed the limitation of absences in any course will receive a failing grade.

Students, here are few reminders from the Discipline office:


Advanced Technologies Academy is committed to promoting the academic growth of its students. We are also committed to the social and emotional maturation of all students. We want all students prepared for success after high school whether in post-secondary educational settings, the military, or the workplace.

A-TECH encourages students to “dress for respect and success.” Your personal appearance should not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school. A-TECH’s dress code is in accordance with CCSD Regulation 5131 and the specific needs and goals of A-TECH.

Specific dress code guidelines:

1. Requires the wearing of shoes with soles.
2. Requires the wearing of shirts or blouses appropriately buttoned in accord with the design of that shirt or blouse, and the length must extend beyond the belt level. No skin may be showing between the end of the blouse and belt level.
3. Requires that hems of shorts be no more than five inches above the knee. Attire needs to be worn at the designated length. All pants, long or short, must be hemmed and without fraying or holes.
4. Prohibits the wearing of transparent, see-through, bare-midriff, strapless, low-cut clothing with slits, or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage. All straps must be three inches or greater in width and cover the shoulders.
5. Prohibits the wearing of sunglasses in the building.
6. Prohibits the wearing of hats/headgear on campus except for designated school-approved uniforms or at authorized student activities.
7. Prohibits the wearing of gloves, bandanas, pajamas, and spiked or studded jewelry.
8. Prohibits slogans or advertising on clothing which, by their controversial or obscene nature, disrupts the educational setting. This includes any clothing which advertises tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, racial bigotry, or sexual activities.
9. Prohibits the wearing of pants in a sagging fashion. Pants may not be worn which allow shorts or underwear to show.
10. Spikes should be no longer than 1 ½ inches. Mohawks should not be worn.
11. The principal (CCSD) reserves the right to insist that student dress, personal appearance, and conduct shall be of such character as to not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school nor tend to diminish the instructional effectiveness or disciplinary control of the teacher. (CCSD Regulation 5131)

Any student violating the dress code will be referred to the dean’s office for appropriate action. The principal shall retain the authority to grant exceptions to the dress code for special occasions and/or special conditions. Changing styles and fads will be evaluated for appropriateness by the administration.


Radios, CD players, MP3 players, TVs, tape recorders, beepers, skateboards, roller shoes, water pistols, electronic games, or toys are not permitted on campus. If brought, these items will be confiscated, taken to Student Services and returned only to a parent/guardian. Since these items should not be on campus, the school will not be held responsible if they are lost or stolen. Items are held in the Lost and Found for one month before being donated to a charitable organization.


Three areas are designated for eating which include the Student Activity Center (SAC), west patio area, and outside the west exit. No food or drink is to be taken into the classrooms, with the exception of plastic water bottles. A capped water bottle is permissible in classrooms, at the teacher’s discretion. A student with food or drink in an unauthorized area will be asked to dispose of the item. No glass bottles/containers are allowed on campus.


Each student is issued a locker with preference for top lockers given to seniors. No unauthorized sharing or switching of lockers is permitted. Valuables are not to be placed in lockers. Lockers are to be kept neat and free of graffiti and stickers. School lockers remain the property of the school. School authorities have the right to examine the contents of those lockers for reasons of health, safety, and security without notice. Locker access may be limited to certain times of the day.


Attendance is the student’s responsibility and enforcement is a shared responsibility between the Clark County School District and the student’s parent or legal guardian. Attendance at A-TECH, by each student, is expected for the entire day. “The educational experiences lost during an absence are irretrievable as the interaction in the classroom setting can seldom be duplicated through makeup work.”

Approved Absences – A written explanation by the parent, guardian, or physician stating the reason a student was absent is to be submitted to Student Services within 3 days of the student’s return to school. For the status of an absence to be approved, documents and/or parent note must be submitted within three days and the absence must meet one of the criteria below. If the absence does not meet one of the following criteria or is not verified in writing, the absence is unapproved.

The student is physically or mentally unable to attend school, or the absence is related to the student’s disability.
The student is absent due to a required court appearance or religious holiday.
The absence has been prearranged upon written request of a parent or legal guardian. A prearranged absence form should be completed and submitted to Student Services or the Attendance Office at least three days prior to an absence.
To ensure proper documentation of the note, the written verification from the parent/guardian should include the following information:

Date of absence
Reason for the absence
Name of student (First and Last)
Student number
Parent signature
Parent daytime phone number

Unapproved Absences – Truancies – An unapproved absence is considered truancy from school. Within the meaning of the Nevada Revised Statutes, an absence is unapproved when:

The prearranged absence was not requested in writing in advance of the absence.
The number of prearranged absences is in excess of ten (10) days during a school year.
The makeup work for a prearranged absence was not completed and submitted.
The absence was not due to the physical or mental ability of the student to attend school, an emergency, a court appearance or religious holiday.
The parent/guardian of the student failed to notify the school in writing of the reason for absence within three days after the student returned to school. If a note is not turned in, the absence turns to a TRUANCY following the third day after the student returns to school.
The student failed or refused to attend school when so directed by the parent/guardian or school officials.
The student left school during the school day without checking out through Student Services or the Health Office.
A student missing more than 30 minutes of a class during the day is counted absent for that class.

Please note: A written note will not remove an absence, nor will it stop district-generated absence notices. Written notice shall be generated and mailed by the CCSD Central Information Systems Department after the fifth, tenth and fifteenth absence. Upon receipt of an absence notice, the parent/guardian and student should verify the notice. If there is reason to believe an error has been made in the attendance record, please notify the Attendance Office (799-7870 x 4035). Verification will be made upon parent/guardian request.

Makeup Work – After any absence the student is required within three (3) school days to initiate contact with his/her teachers to obtain appropriate make-up work. Once contact is made with teachers, the time interval allowed for completion of the homework is determined by the individual teacher. Students shall be allowed a minimum of three (3) days to complete makeup work.

School sanctioned absences such as field trips, RPC’s and suspensions will not be counted as absences for the purpose of attendance enforcement, but students are required to complete all missed work/assignments.