ATTENTION SENIORS, please fill out the linked Google Form. A-TECH will be giving out Amazon Gift Cards on the following dates.
Four – $25 Amazon gift cards this Friday, May 15th
Four – $25 Amazon gift cards on Tuesday, May 19th
Four – $50 gift cards the day we give out caps and gowns.

Seniors will receive one raffle ticket for every college or scholarship they list on the Google Form:

Every college/Institution in which they were admitted (Whether they plan to attend the school or not).
Each scholarship or grant that they receive in which they were awarded FREE money that they do not have to repay. Examples: All Merit-based scholarships awarded from any colleges, scholarships received from any outside organizations, such as the Public Education Foundation, and any grant/s (FREE money) received by the Federal Government in which they do not have to repay.

**Please do not forget to list any military branch in which you were enlisted as well!

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